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Malware Trends

As our society becomes more and more technology oriented, more and more people are put at risk of becoming the victims of cyber crime. And while it seems impossible to prevent it, we can educate ourselves about the dangers of cyber crime. Here is a list of the most common threats that you should watch out for.


One of the most common cyber threats is phishing. Most of us have probably received an email from supposedly our bank or a government organization asking us to log in to a site they link us to. Hopefully, most people ignored it because it could lead to personal data theft. This is a very common elaborate attempt to steal our data and even though it has been around for years, it’s still a very serious problem because people still seem to fall for this scheme. It’s important to remember that banks and legit organizations will never ask for your details by email or link a website to log in to.

Identity theft

In a world where our personal information can be accessed by practically anyone, identity theft is a very serious issue and is one of the fastest growing cyber threats. Using public WiFi without Internet security software, giving away your sensitive information to people you don’t trust puts you in danger of becoming an identity theft victim. Criminals then use the information to open credit cards or take out loans in your name. Make sure you are doing everything you can to protect your sensitive information.


More and more ransomware is being released into the world of the Internet every year and it probably won’t stop. Ransomware, once your computer is infected, encrypts files and then asks for money to restore them. Entire businesses can become victims of such crimes and usually end up loosing their files. These situations can easily be prevented by daily backing up data but for some reason, there still are loads of business that do not do that.


A lot of people and businesses store their data in cloud. They basically run their businesses and even perform transactions on cloud, which would not be an issue if not for the fact that cloud can be vulnerable. If a security breach were to occur, businesses would face serious damage. The fact that cloud usage is becoming more popular means we will see more cloud related cyber crime.

Connection to cars

Even though it seems rather farfetched, we are entering the age where hackers are be able to connect to our cars. More and more cars can connect to the Internet now and that means hackers can potentially take control of them. This might become a serious threat in the future and it’s up to the car developers to make sure all measures are taken in order to ensure that drivers are not put at risk.

ddos-attackDDoS attacks

The DDoS attack involves overwhelming a server with fake traffic and causing the site to run slowly or be unavailable all together. Information on how to perform an attack is accessible to anyone which means we will see an increase in these attacks.

In order to avoid some cyber threats, it’s important that people take measures to protect themselves. Businessmen should not be allowed to operate without good antivirus software and daily back up of data. Educating yourself and others about the dangers of clicking on weird links should also be a priority.  In this day of age, we are not going to avoid cyber threats but the least we can do is try to protect ourselves.